“Humaпoid Alieпs Based iп a 34 Millioп-years-old Uпdergrouпd Structure 2 Miles Uпder Aпtarctica” – Liпda Moultoп Reveals (video)

Linda Moulton Howe interviews a retired US Navy petty officer, Brian, who served in Antarctica from 1984 to 1997. Brian, now 61, shares his experiences witnessing high strangeness while flying cargo and doing rescues in Antarctica. He describes seeing silver disks darting around the sky, a massive hole near the South Pole, and rumors of a human-ET research base under the ice.

Brian’s crew encountered peculiar events, including spotting the large hole that was supposed to be an air sampling station but was in a no-fly zone. During an emergency medevac crisis, they flew across the no-fly zone and allegedly saw an entrance to the rumored human-ET research base.

Later, some scientists disappeared for two weeks near Murray Birdland, reappearing with scared faces. Orders were given to the crew not to discuss what they saw, but no official non-disclosure statements were signed. Brian, now retired, decides to share his experiences, convinced that nonhumans were involved in Antarctic activities.

Following the initial interview in 2015 and subsequent discussions in 2016, Brian received a surprising and disturbing phone call at work. Linda Moulton Howe and Brian discuss the challenges and routines of operating in Antarctica, the demanding nature of flights, and the unpredictability of missions, which could range from South Pole trips to science resupply missions across the continent.

They detail a specific incident where Brian’s crew received a change of mission, flying to the South Pole to refuel before a medevac to Davis station for an injured person. The flight to the South Pole was uneventful, maxing out their aircraft with fuel before continuing to Davis.

The conversation unfolds chronologically, highlighting the crew’s experiences during different missions and addressing the challenges of operating in Antarctica’s extreme conditions.


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